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Everything from soup to nuts...

March 22nd, 2007 at 12:29 am

I think my personal dream of our finances being "streamlined" is finally coming to fruition.

If you can believe it, the hubby was using a SAVINGS account for all of his transactions and getting dinged... I couldn't take it?! We must show him the ways... I guess that isn't as bad as him "paying off" his line of credit (putting his entire pay check down on it), only to take the money out again?! *slaps forehead* Bygones... I think he is starting to get it.

The windfall I wrote of earlier has really helped to simplify, which is what we needed. I didn't need it, but I needed it to happen so that he could see money as more of a daily concept... something as integral to the running of the home as filling up the car with gas or taking out the garbage.

With no credit card debt, no student loan, and no car payment, it is pretty obvious that we have no excuse BUT to save our money. I really think he can see that now.

We finally have our own checking (our own pay checks) and a joint checking. We use our own checkings to cover each half of the bills, and then dump the rest, afer openly discussing, into the joint account. I also like to have the joint so that I can "take away" the money he is to save. He has said outright that he needs me to do this or it won't happen. At least we are talking about it and me doing my penny pinching thing is causing harmony instead of strife.

In other financial news, I made some points on my PC Financial Card (free groceries!) and paid off the balance in FULL the day it rolled in.

I am starting a new job on April 2nd. I will be nursing at a smaller hospital with 8 hour shifts as opposed to 12. Yippeee! It will be exciting to get my life back for awhile. Big Grin I will wait to get new glasses until my benefits are also sorted out after the transfer.

You guys have been giving me a good read here on the blogs lately... I almost forget about the forums!!!


March 11th, 2007 at 10:32 pm

The house is sold!

What we did with the cash:
- $18k went straight to the line of credit attached to the house
- $55k straight into a GIC for 6 mos at 4.2% interest
- $5180 to pay off the truck
- $5200 to pay the remainder of my student loan (I paid nearly 30k through plain ol' scrimping and saving)
- $7k in ugly credit card debt
- $5k not spoken for per se: $2500 in a savings account we can access, another $2500 to have as a safety net for the winter months (hubby is a painter and not much work over the Canadian winterWink)

Now, I realize this is a windfall, so I have gone to great lengths to impress upon hubby that we need to have 5k to put into the GIC come September when it matures... about $500 each a month should do it!